The first impression is always a big step to get used to, but it really is more than just easy getting used to. The article is a little longer: D

I will deal with negative points here, but please also think of many new additions that I just don’t need directly and therefore have nothing to do with them. There are some really great innovations.

Before the new release I tried the Block Editor and gave my feedback in the forum. Now the hard switch to the editor is not a good feeling and the decisions that were made with WordPress are sometimes a real mystery to me. In addition to many nice innovations, there are also so many things that don’t run smoothly and some things that have really been made worse.

Longer loading times:
The first impression starts with longer loading times of the draft, which I and others have already reported. Until now it has not been fixed. Even when writing text, there is always a slight delay in the display and the menus sometimes hang for a few seconds. It doesn’t run smoothly. No comparison to the old editor and less fun.

Next up is the new blank design. It looks so sterile and unappealing. At first you feel left alone on the surface and it doesn’t exactly awaken joy. Some of the menus are collapsed by default and redistributed. So let’s jump to the middle, to the essential element:

The text: While writing, the heading is still clearly recognizable, but underneath it starts with the new block elements, which wouldn’t be bad, but the blocks have no visual separations and are difficult to select because you can’t see them directly. Sure there are options for dialing through or the like, but the normal workflow is already briefly interrupted. The first block element is for writing by default. What you quickly overlook: the html editor is available here in the outermost menu item. So there is an arrow in the menu that actually lists all the functions, but also three points … that list other functions, as text and somehow inappropriate. (There is also a separate block with html, but you actually need it for every element). Further block elements with different functions can be added. This is a positive innovation when you need the function. Before that was all in one bar and central, but with less scope, but I liked it much better and was also more user-friendly. Here and there, the options for text formatting of the individual block elements also seem a bit old-fashioned and more cumbersome than with the Classic Editor. Weird design decisions that I can’t understand.

Addendum: When looking for a way to close the post after publication, I came across a menu on the edge with which you can put the annoying tools that always appear in the text near the mouse pointer in the menu bar. Why not right from the start?

The menu for selecting the other block elements is very limited directly on the element, but you actually have to go to the large menu, which can be folded out on the side. It doesn’t unfold by default, which is also a point I reported inconvenient as it takes time. So you are now in the menu of the elements and find a somewhat overloaded selection menu. You have to get used to it, only the old Classic Editor had a nice bar that you could simply unfold and everything was there, clearly and perfectly solved. Of course there are now many new functions, which would be too much for one or more bars, but you could have put some in such a bar and the unimportant rest in the menu. In my opinion, there would be more pleasant solutions, i.e. the current status.

The Classic Editor is also available as a separate block element, it just looks like it was back in the day. In the forum it was noted that this element is no longer desired and you can see that a little in the way it is integrated. It probably won’t last forever either. The CE. is squeezed in the middle of the screen like everything else and WordPress wastes about 50% of the screen space to squeeze everything. Also a point that I noted. I like the Classic Editor much better, but the new block stuff actually works quite well, even if there are a few disadvantages.

With the new blocks, WordPress has clearly gained in scope and functionality. More complex designs are now possible and there are many new things to discover. However, not everyone needs this now, or I’m curious, as a lot of people in the forum have only said that they just want to write easily and maybe a picture will come in. Not everyone wants to do a lot of tinkering and invest time.

Here I come to another negative point, which I also noted in the forum: The blocks that you look for are not multilingual tagged, so you search in German in the German account and in English in English. That can be really impractical if you don’t know what you are looking for and simply type the first word or the beginning of the possible words into the search bar.

The menus: The menus, which were previously combined in one bar, are also somewhat incomprehensible. Now there are several menus that you have to go through. Goodbye workflow and get on with the first time wasters. You need e.g. the settings menu, which has now been split into 2 columns, and the Jetpack menu, which was just a bar before. That has been badly resolved and was much better before. Before you had everything clearly on one block and you could work with a relaxed „workflow“ from top to bottom and now it’s a click back and forth, also because a few menu items no longer seem so modern and need a few more clicks. You have less overview, you have to keep an eye on everything and you mustn’t forget one of the required fields in one of the menus if you want it. The social media integration is e.g. in the jetpack menu, instead of simply in the regular menu bar as before, so you have to select it and don’t forget it. Addendum: If you go to publish, then the social media point comes again in a control window, but only if you do not automatically publish.

Setting e.g. the visibility and the date of publication are now optically and functionally a bit older, in the sense of out of date, than before. It was perfect and has now somehow taken a few steps back. Example – Select date when publishing: it no longer shows the days on which contributions have already been entered, which was actually so practical. If you select the day in the calendar, the window closes, so you first have to enter the time and then select the day, before that it was cleaner and looked more modern.

Post settings: Keywords – The preselection of keywords that you have already used is now missing, but it never worked properly before. You first have to type in something and then the suggestions come, as before, but there is apparently a new system behind it. Before that, the top hits were there e.g. at Choc … came Chocolate and now there are titles of articles or text excerpts or whatever that should represent. But other keywords worked correctly. But good is also different.

Show featured picture and preview of the post: Post finished? But the featured image is not displayed directly on the title as usual. I better look at the preview. Only the preview doesn’t come. Nothing just happens. This can of course be due to the browser, but it worked before too and WordPress should already support the current browser. Will probably be a error.

Addendum: … The contribution has been published and the draft is still open. What do I do with it now? It should actually close or not?

Conclusion: … By the way, if you just want to create a heading in the text, you need an extra block element or the HTML or the Classic Editor. What an unnecessary thing.


Overall, WordPress now has more features. OK. On the other hand, WordPress no longer has a quick and easy operation, is no longer 100% beginner-friendly and has added a lot of little time wasters. Creating a new post now takes a few minutes longer, which quickly adds up. It generally feels very good with the block elements and you can work with them rather easily, but you always come across inconsistencies and missing functions in individual elements.

Maybe I am alone with my opinion, although in the forum there were a few who noticed some deteriorations, which was nicely overheard, or the forum thread was then closed because there were no clearly recognizable constructive suggestions, but there were already some who are generally no longer considered relevant in the light of progress.
Sure, it’s about further development, which has definitely happened, with great innovations, but the general workflow was stumbled a bit and the layout / design / menu design have become quite ugly. WordPress was already top in terms of content and is now even better, which makes it very versatile, but it has recently lost a few points in user-friendliness. I really don’t understand the makers behind some of the changes.

What you can note at this point: In the forum, one of my first thoughts was when trying it out: In places it looks like a mobile version of WordPress, heavily slimmed down and jerky, with rough edges and then overloaded in the opposite direction at one point or another. The thought still remains a little bit, but gradually the feeling improves. From the optics, however, it is correct.

Note: it is my first impression and my personal opinion on the Block Editor. Before that, I had already switched from the older system to the Classic Editor, which also didn’t go smoothly. With every update something is added and you lose something. Whether one can endure the lost things is then a personal decision.